At that point the letters rolled over to AAA000. FAX: 770-433-8719. my barrel only has 9×19 on it? The serial number in modern guns is stamped into the portion of the gun that is considered the receiver by the ATF where it will be visible. Check production date of your Glock handgun using automatic Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup. On the Right hand side of the barrel is the serial # “MRT002” followed by the Glock logo and a very small pentagon. Fortunately from the beginning, the Glock Corporation ensured they had a serial numbering system that would be easily understood and maintained. It’s easy to install Glock front sights w/o marks as it’s held in the oval hole in the slide by a single very small screw Apr 27, 2013 #2. Since it is semi-automatic, that means the gun will fire a round each time you pull the trigger. Every one of them has the same barrel stamping you describe. concealed carry, concealed carry pistols, glock19, glock 43, glock17 I own a 27 with a BSW prefix, anyone know what this designates? If your pistol has a US at the serial number end that means it was an United State import. Everywhere I have looked on line shows a top down look at the chamber/barrel w/the 3 letter code & usually with 9×19 following the 3 letters. This makes them light weight and easy to carry around. I also participate in REAGO, which provides Tactical Combat Casualty Care training. maybe its a very early model? In general, the chronological serial number set that has the prefix letters of "EKA" through "EVR" inclusive appear to be the affected Glocks, regardless of caliber. That envelope should have a date on it. Enter three letters of the serial (barrel) number on your Glock firearm: Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup basesd on information from The Gun Digest Book Of The Glock. It enables you to check production date of a glock using the serial number from the barrel. Burton holds a B.S. The first documented Glock 17s (by serial number) imported into the US were from the AF000 series in January 1986, followed by AH000, AK000, and AL000. For Glock's i9000 10th wedding anniversary, 200 exclusive handguns had been commissioned with the serial numbers beginning with AGM. Here, as alwyas, Glock is working toward maintianing its standard dating perfection. Surprisingly, Gaston had no experience in designing or manufacturing firearms when he started his company. That’s how you get a police department stamp on it because it was a service weapon for some officer who shot someone and than it was entered into evidence until the cop was done with the mandatory case review which can take up to a year sometimes, and paid suspension (because we live in America and everyone is innocent until proven guilty [unfortunately That’s only a law enforcement privilege these days[), in the meantime if the officer is deemed fit to return to duty after a short suspension and minor psychological assessment, it’s initially deemed a justified shooting by the DA until the final review is finished which usually clears the officer of any crime anyway, Then they auction it off to the public because the officer already has a new weapon issue and no longer needs that one anymore. Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup. For most steel pistols this would be on the side of the frame If the gun has a plastic frame, such as a Glock pistol, a strip of metal is stamped with the serial number and is molded into the frame. It will decode three letters from the barrel of your handgun. Glock handguns are semi-automatic pistols with polymer frames, which are plastic frames. This means for every two letter combination, there were up to 1,000 pistols produced with numbers from 000 to 999. I’m more curious if it’s worth anything because of the early serial # and has become a safe gun because I upgraded to a Gen 4 Glock 23 so I have a rail for a Surefire X300U light. Joined Apr 21, 2013 Messages 142 Reactions 0 Points 0. Find a Dealer For inquiries for Canada, please email I would prefer them listed by caliber and size. That way you don’t have to worry about cocking back a hammer or anything like that. With “MAA” then once once run thru 000 or 001 to 999 it switches to MAB In 1991, Glock also introduced a … I have a 30 and that’s how it is on mine. When you combine this convenience with all the other aspects of the weapon, it explains why the Glock is a favorite amongst pistol lovers. and so on until reaching MZZ which then rolls over to “NAA” and runs thru the three numerals once again. One complaint was that the plastic makes the Glock less durable and reliable than a metal gun. The number would start with the department initials followed by 4 numbers, and end with US. It is better to contact Glock directly. To contact Glock Corporation to directly ask about a specific serial number call (770) 432-1202 or toll free at (866) 225-4098. After the Glock firearms were manufactured, they were first used by Austrian police and military officials in 1982. AV8R525, Mar 4, 2013. I participate in practical shooting and 3-Gun competitions because they are the best way for me to test equipment and upgrades under stress. Best Upgrades for Your Glock Just the Glock logo followed by the letters AT…. Those proof marked Glocks will have a three-letter code on the barrel which is different from the serial number, and that's the code that you type in at the mujglock website. I own a glock 22 with the letters BWR in the serial number. The Glocks worked well for these officials and they continue to use them to this day. It's a Gen 4 G17 and the serial number starts with UUCXXX. I have received many letters when I launched Remington Serial Number Lookup. Contact To get in touch with Glock Corporation to straight inquire about a particular serial number call (770) 432-1202 or toll free of charge at (866) 225-4098 The “.45Auto” is nothing more than a mfg’rs Quirk, same as how they use “.40SW”… The 3-letter prefixes that there are many opportunities for the “002” to repeat as the “M” series begins It seems like it doesn’t exist. I was curious what some more established members here have for a born on date. All three numbers match. My markings are the same and my serial number us BEL(and 3 numbers) Can’t find any info on mfg date. knows the proper sight height required with possibly some fine file work on the sights tenon (only) if it’s too large to fit in the OEM hole in the slide. Note: please enter code from barrel in capitals. So there is no confusing letters as numerals same as automobile license plates. That came up with a 1984 manuf date. (Many gun makers that use letters as part of their serial # system don’t use the “O” or “I”, etc. The magazine design was also changed, with a new design of floorplate and a resistance insert at the bottom of the follower spring. My situation is the same as yours. These agencies include local law enforcement and federal agencies, like the DEA and FBI. The mission of the Glock Collectors Association or GCA is to educate the public on the models, variations, and commemoratives , as well as provide members with information on Glock serial numbers, importation, and other facts unique to Glock pistols. For Glock's 10th anniversary, 200 special handguns were commissioned with the serial numbers beginning with AGM. Do not enter the serial number. I can’t get it to work, i put in the letters like it said but nothing happens, what am i doing wrong? Just call Glock an give them the serial number and they can tell you the exact date it was assemble in Georgia. The person who started the company was a man named Gaston Glock. I am firearms instructor, competitive shooter and IPSC Range Officer. They sell more than any other pistol. His area of expertise was in advanced synthetic polymers. My 31 is within 600 numbers of yours, also with an ‘MRT’ prefix. Sdružení majitelů a příznivců zbraní GLOCK. Statistics show that 65% of law enforcement agencies in the United States issue Glocks to their police officers. What is different about this gun? Glock Gen search by Serial Number I sent my daughter a Glock 17 and now all of a sudden it seems Gen is important in California. These black serial number plates were used in the early Generation 2 Glock 19 pistols in the same serial number ranges as their Generation 1 Glock 17 siblings. Make sure all three serial numbers on the pistol match exactly. Next could come the .45 ACP in the 7, 8, and 9 models. And its true, I got a response super fast from customer service about my pistol's particulars. I own a Glock 23 with a Serial #AFU***, but nothing comes back when I put in the first 3 letters or entire serial number. G19X comes with 2×19 round mags and 1×17 round mag (although you can add ‘+’ floor plate, which is Glock part #7151, and insert, which is part #7165 to 17 round mags to make them 19 round. All serial numbers match on barrel, slide and frame. And mine is the same as well, Glock logo followed by AT and 9×19 followed by an encircled 30. Remington 870, 1100, 700 Serial Number Lookup. Includes textured frame, jig, locking block rail system (LBRS), rear rail module (RRM), M3 & M4 drill bits and 9mm end mill. The AA series started on October 1986 and took until March 1992 to hit ZZ. I bought it in 95 when I was in Law Enforcement. Ten years later in January 2010 Glock was using PCL. 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I purchased the pistol from a dealer in 1987. It’s a pretty big project but someone has taken it on here- My Glock 22 only has 40 on the barrel. It is a cop’s gun. With much of the newly designed pistol made of lightweight but extremely durable polymers, the Glock soon developed a reputation as a handgun that was accurate, tough and never failed when needed. Without calling Glock is there any way to tell when my pistol was made? The upgraded system glock applicable only to Glock pistols serial the following serial number ranges:. I read that if you email glock with your serial number and ask for your pistol's born on date, they will tell you. I’m pretty sure it’s a Gen 2. G45 comes with 3x G17 mags. Basic Numbers AA000 was the start of the … Unfortunately, it works only for a limited number of serials. Anyway to check it using serial number? 5 0. Bro… that gun probably killed someone, or at least shot at least one or more persons. 6 Best Red Dot (Reflex, Holographic) Sights for Shotgun. Enter the number on the barrel. Known anomalies to this logic are: 10 = 19T He has managed radio stations, TV studios and newspapers, and was the chief fundraiser for Taltree Arboretum. According to company literature, the first Glock pistols imported into the U.S. came in January of 1986. Your email address will not be published. My Glock 22 gen 2 has.40SW stamped on the top of the barrel with the serial number SA####TX on the side of it. It enables you to check production date of a glock using the serial number from the barrel. I own four Gen 3 Glocks – a 22, a 23, a 27, and a 31. When it rolled over at AA999 they began again at AB000 up to ZZ999. Also, after rigorous and extensive testing, the new number proves to be more durable and has a longer useful life. Just wanting to know when it was made. and a no-brainier for the Hobbiest who My glock … People like to use them for both recreation and self defense. I have a G27 Gen 4… serial is YEGxxx, Where you say to look only has AT next to Glock logo. –Best Glock and PCC Magazines – Real Review and Experience, –Best Night Sights for Glock 17, 19, 22, 26, 32, 37, 20,21,29,30,30S,37,41. AAA started in March 1992 and by only September 94 reached AZZ. Letters are BABXXX. česky | english: Here you can solve production date of your GLOCK. Mar 4, 2013 #1 . Is there anyplace I can check the Gen of the pistol using the serial number? Now I also own AR-15 rifle and MP5 pistol caliber carbine. Gaston Glock may have not known that he was helping to create what would become the world’s most popular handgun when he called together some of Europe’s top engineers in the early 1980’s. They also have short recoil when you shoot them, which means they are easier to aim for better accuracy. I was peeked by the seemingly low (002) serial #. (I assume this means 9mm X 19 rds) This one is not like that. Now my curiosity is up. The top of the barrel is stamped with caliber only on all four. Glocks are numbered by the order Gaston Glock gets patent number. Top down stamped into chamber is “.45 Auto”. Glock also made pistols for special occasions and they would have unique serial numbers. My name is Vitaly Pedchenko, I started this blog and forum to share information, tips, photos, and advice about the Remington 870 shotgun, accessories, and upgrades. The serial # on the barrel & Frame match.