1. But for heaven’s sake do not quit working your legs altogether or think you are doomed to a skinny or nonfunctional pair of legs. It’s the forces you put through the prosthesis with the heavy pressing movements that can damage and prematurely wear it out. I alternated each week with the hack squat machine as well, doing 20 reppers there. 2. If you’re already doing deadlift, good morning, bent-over rows, clean or snatch at other times in the week, it really adds ups in the lower back. It’s the only lift i can go mad heavy on because it has no balance parameters. It usually never occurs to him that his legs look like crap, while the guy a few feet over in the squat rack, doing full ATG squats with a ‘mere’ 275 lbs is sporting some damn impressive quads. The bottom line: Both leg presses and squats have a place in your lower-body … I actually don’t like leg pressing, cause i feel it does not have as much carry over to sport performance as other lifts do. im doing a push/pull with squats in the push, with smolov esque loading and rep/sets. You’re also less prone to injury with leg press than with squats. I was never one in the first place who loaded up 500-600 pounds and did deep squats so, powerlifting was not something I excelled at or would have missed. Another tool in the bag for getting some more volume without stressing my back.[/quote]. There was an article on here a while back about how leg pressing can help you with the initial leg drive of a deadlift. I believe the reason for the hate is the typical wanna-be-gym rat who will load up as many plates as possible, and then proceed to move the sled a few inches each ‘rep’ before jumping up and strutting around like he was Tom Platz. A good tool? I do the same thing after squatting on my ME days. The clear answer is always going to be the leg press. Squats Burn More Calories. The weight I tend to use is between 200 and 250 pounds and you can do that for high reps. Conclusion: Hack Squats vs Leg Press How to Approach Hack Squats. 7% coupon applied at checkout Save 7% with coupon (some sizes/colors) Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 12. I’ll try to find it. After all it looks way cooler to load up 6 or more 45 pound plates on each side of the leg press than to get under the bar in the squat rack with only 1 or 2 each side. $363.99 $ 363. Your knees are … Don’t need a spotter of course. Watch our This Or That episode above! I would never use it double legged in a program where and athlete could do both front and back squats. But by no means does that mean there is no place for leg press. Sports Conditioning No back issues, free range of motion, emphasis on the quads. Also takes the strain off the back so I suppose it could be good for deloading. Someone mentioned the lower back problem they got from leg press. Edit: here it is, http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/leg_press_for_a_bigger_deadlift. Both the leg press and squat are intended to strengthen the muscles of your legs, but the leg press has several limiting factors concerning the action of the movement compared to the squat… and the squat strengthens more than just your legs. That usually happens because of the seat position wherein the rear comes off the pad and the back rounds to support the range of motion. I’m not usually using the leg press for strength, but to build more muscle tissue and supporting structures that I can convert into strength in the squat, deadlift and variations. To start, sit with your back against a padded backrest and your feet on two large footrests. while sparing my tired back. If you want to target the glutes, then put your feet on the pad above. Like most pieces of gym apparatus, it’s a good tool if you understand how to properly use it. I use it periodically, but I’ve actually found it’s harder on my low back than the squat. I presently use lightweight and work on a HIIT program with it to maximize a pump in the muscles and spur on new strength and growth as well. Leg press is a pretty good accessory; by far the most underrated exercise. You just need to understand after knee surgery that the days of loading up on heavy iron will have to stop but, you still can get in an effective workout without damaging the prosthesis.